27 February, 2020
APEX teases unique design of AP-0 concept
 ahead of Geneva International Motor Show 2020

APEX teases unique design of AP-0 concept ahead of Geneva International Motor Show 2020

  • Drawing inspiration from oriental art, culture and heritage, the APEX AP-0 has a dragon-like front profile
  • A structural, aerodynamic fin houses the LIDAR camera, while a flat floor and large rear diffuser combine to maximise ground effect and downforce
  • Design of the AP-0 led by renowned and revered UK designer Guy Colborne

APEX, the global sports car brand, has disclosed details of the striking design of its AP-0 electric vehicle concept ahead of its debut at the Geneva International Motor Show next week.

Led by renowned UK designer Guy Colborne, APEX has cultivated a design language that mirrors the powerful performance attributes of the AP-0, while simultaneously embracing and emphasising the lightweight structure of the car.

The AP-0 draws inspiration from oriental art, culture and heritage. Viewed from the front, the car assumes a dragon-like form, featuring sharp, jagged lines around the front grille and two piercing, ocular headlights.

On the roof of the car, a structural, aerodynamic fin influenced by Formula 1 and Le Mans race cars houses the advanced LIDAR camera and stretches to the rear of the car. By rejecting a rear spoiler and instead employing a flat floor and large rear diffuser, airflow is channelled and accelerated underneath the car. The resulting ground effect and downforce provides the car and driver with outstanding capability, handling and stability.

The APEX AP-0 will be unveiled during the brand’s press conference, taking place at the Geneva International Motor Show on 3 March 2020 at 12:45 CET on stand 2047. Personal interviews with the leadership team are available on request.



About APEX:

Skilfully blending artistry, expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology, APEX crafts sports cars that offer the ultimate, unrivalled driving experience. Following the launch of the high-performance AP-1 in 2019, the APEX portfolio is set to expand with a fully electric sports car, codenamed AP-0.

With core specialisms in high performance automotive and Formula 1 race car engineering, vehicle dynamics and systems, advanced composites technology, vehicle design and styling, the team at APEX is at the cutting edge of automotive design.



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