20 February, 2020
APEX AP-0 concept to exhibit revolutionary driver assistance and connectivity at Geneva International Motor Show 2020

APEX AP-0 concept to exhibit revolutionary driver assistance and connectivity at Geneva International Motor Show 2020

  • APEX AP-0 LiDAR and advanced driver assistance features will provide peerless safety, comfort and driving experience
  • Augmented Reality display and Race Instructor gamify race track driving for ultimate racing immersion
  • APEX strives to create a more connected drive in both a technical and emotional sense
  • The APEX AP-0 will be revealed on stand 2047 at the Geneva International Motor Show at 12:45 CET on 3 March 2020

APEX, the global sports car brand, has revealed that its concept EV, set to be unveiled at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show, will include trailblazing features that not only connect car and driver but also make the AP-0 more aware of the world around it.

The AP-0 pushes the boundaries of accuracy and safety when it comes to driver assistance, courtesy of its advanced LiDAR sensor technology. LiDAR sensors are able to generate detailed maps of the vehicle’s immediate surroundings, creating a high-resolution three-dimensional image and identifying minute details – measuring as little as a few centimetres – from more than100m away and in all weather conditions.

This technology enhances the vehicle’s ADAS capability and enables the AP-0 to more accurately identify potential hazards, pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles, increasing safety and providing ultimate peace of mind for the driver.

The AP-0 will also feature a holographic augmented reality (AR) display and AR Race Instructor, which gamifies the way drivers can learn new race tracks and delivers the ultimate immersive racing experience.

The AP-0 will also regularly receive over-the-air software updates that add new features and enhance existing functionality via Wi-Fi.

An APEX car is not just connected in the technical sense. The brand views its vehicles as forms of art that connect the driver with their love of driving. This is the philosophy on which the AP-0 is built. It is a celebration of the feeling of being behind the wheel, creating a more connected driving experience that cultivates sustainability, pioneering technology, cutting edge design and, above all, a strong emotional connection.

The APEX AP-0 will be unveiled during the brand’s press conference, taking place at the Geneva International Motor Show on 3 March 2020 at 12:45 CET on stand 2047. One-to-one interviews with the leadership team are available on request.


About APEX:

Skilfully blending artistry, expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology, APEX crafts sports cars that offer the ultimate, unrivalled driving experience. Following the launch of the high-performance AP-1 in 2019, the APEX portfolio is set to expand with a fully electric sports car, codenamed AP-0.

With core specialisms in high performance automotive and Formula 1 race car engineering, vehicle dynamics and systems, advanced composites technology, vehicle design and styling, the team at APEX is at the cutting edge of automotive design.



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